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What Exactly Is Featherweight Cashmere?

What Exactly Is Featherweight Cashmere?

Featherweight Captiva Cashmere Scarves

When many people first encounter Alpine Cashmere featherweight cashmere scarves, they often ask the same question. Is that really cashmere?

Yes. But it's special. 

We start with cashmere fibers that are only 15 microns in diameter. (For reference, that’s five times as fine as the finest human hair.)

We pay a premium for this fiber, as it is the finest cashmere in the world. We spin it into a yarn that has a metric count of 1/200, which, without getting too technical, is the absolute finest that cashmere can be spun. 

The yarn is then plied with another strand of the same fineness, to make a 2-ply yarn. This yarn is then intricately woven on antique looms at slow speeds, due to the delicate nature of the yarns.

Once the scarf is finished, the fringes are twisted by hand. The final ultra-light result gives the impression of lofty weightlessness when worn.

Never heavy or clingy, just buoyant, breathable, and cool. A light and airy accessory that can be enjoyed 12 months a year. 

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—Ames Stevens, Co-Founder of Alpine Cashmere

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Susan P.

Love the featherweight cashmere! I have 5 that I’ve purchased in Newport over the years. Absolutely gorgeous.

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